Vendor Presentation

Vendor Presentation: Flexxible IT

Flexxible IT’s mission is to enable companies to deliver the best digital workspace experience across the entire organisation. Digital workspaces share the benefits of increased productivity, lower compute costs, improved security, reduced complexity, and simplified IT.

Flexxible IT has analysed the common roadblocks that prohibit company-wide digital workspace adoption and has developed a proprietary technology to help companies transition to digital workspaces across the organisation. This technology can be employed in three ways: hyper-converged appliances, converged appliances and Software Only.

Thanks to partnerships with strategic vendors, Flexxible IT’s all in one, easy-to-use solution takes advantage of the most secure hardware with HPE OEM, Citrix & Citrix Cloud, Flexxible IT Software Suite, FSLogix for profile containers, LoginVSI for performance tests and constant end-user monitoring, and NVIDIA for Virtual GPUs.

Kilian Arjona
Flexxible IT

Federico Zani
Pre-Sales and Technology Trainer
Flexxible IT