Keynote 2

Keynote 2: VDI Performance: The Impact of Change (W10, Office, Security Patches, more) and The VDI Tuning Stack

The Impact of Change

n this keynote a complete overview is presented of all the tests executed by Login VSI, VDIlikeaPRO and others in the past 6 to 12 months. You will get detailed test data on the performance impact of all recent releases of Windows OS, Office and Server, all major security patches for Meltdown, Spectre and L1TF, and all other updates/upgrades relevant for VDI/SBC performance and density.

Takeaway: the presentation slides with all test results.

The VDI Tuning Stack

VDI and SBC environments typically consist of a complex combination of many interrelated hardware and software parts, including CPU/GPU, storage, memory, hypervisors, publication layers, clients and more. When tuning these environments all these elements must be addressed. This session introduces an easy to understand model (The VDI Tuning Stack). Some market trends and developments in EUC and VDI will be discussed and related to the different layers of the model.

Takeaway: the latest developments in EUC/VDI & the VDI Tuning Stack

Mark Plettenberg
Product Manager
Login VSI