This event is the most effective way to gain knowledge and experience about performance and tuning VDI, improving End-User Experience and IT service.

This 1-day event offers key-notes presented by the best VDI performance experts in the world, technical and business oriented breakout sessions, the possibility to chat with experts directly to discuss your own situation, and a virtual exhibit hall featuring the best VDI-oriented vendors. All easily accessible from your home or office. You will also get direct links to research reports and other materials presented during the event.

About this Event

Login VSI is the industry standard in VDI performance testing. Optimizing performance and availability of VDI and other centralized Windows environments, has been our specialty for many years.

We have built extensive knowledge and experience by working closely with leading IT vendors in their R&D labs, and by executing many projects at large end-user organizations. Projects where a few days of VDI tuning resulted in a $1.3 million hardware savings (from $2.3 million to $1 million) without losing any performance, or where we increased the user density from 2,900 users to 4,400 users on the same hardware infrastructure (>$2.1 million value).

To share all we learned in the past 10 years, we created the VDI Performance Summit. The EMEA event in this series was organized on January 29 in Amsterdam. To allow everybody in the Americas interested in this topic to join the US event, we decided to make it 100% virtual. This way it is easy for all to participate.

All content presented at the conference will be entirely focused on the performance and tuning of VDI and SBC environments. Next to our own experts, speakers will include performance specialists from leading VDI vendors and specialized consulting firms. In addition to these expert sessions, there will be real use cases from customers, and brand-new VDI performance related market data from independent research organization VDIlikeaPRO.

During the breaks you will be able to chat with VDI experts and virtually meet vendors that are active in the VDI space. All sponsoring vendors are asked to present their hardware or software solutions that may offer a contribution to VDI performance.

To make this event not only educational but also fun, we will be giving out nice prizes and have also asked all sponsors to organize raffles with cool gifts.

8 Reasons to attend this VDI Performance Summit:

  1. Be the 1st to get the VDIlikeaPRO 2019 survey results about VDI and VDI performance
  2. Connect with experts that can help you in case you have questions or need help
  3. Get the stories from the front-line about real-life situations in the business track
  4. Learn tips and tricks to improve performance from real experts in the technical track
  5. Meet relevant vendors and learn the newest solutions that can help you improve EUX
  6. Win cool goodies in the different vendor sponsored raffles
  7. Take all you learned from the experts, and be the new VDI hero in your organization
  8. And last but not least, you don’t have to travel, and the attendance is free…

Takeaways after this event:

You will know more ways to improve your VDI performance.
You will know more tools to improve your VDI performance.
You will meet more people who can help you when needed.
You will be able to grow your density, while improving EUX.


May 2, 2019 (09:30am – 5:30pm EDT): The Login VSI - VDI Performance Summit

9:30 am
Keynote 1: VDI Performance: Market Perspective 2019

Research organisation VDIlikeaPRO: Ruben Spruijt

10:15 am
11:00 am
Time for Coffee and Expo
11:15 am

Business Session: Improving Performance & Lowering Costs: Real Stories from the Field
Brian Martynowicz, Support & Services Manager at Login VSI

11:45 am
12:00 pm
Vendor Presentation: Flexxible IT: Better VDI Through Automated Management

Jared Engskow, Technical Sales Engineer at Flexxible IT

12:15 pm
Keynote 3: Top 10 (or more) Performance Best Practices for VDI, SBC, DaaS on Public Clouds

Nick Rintalan, Principal Architect & Sr. Director at Citrix

 1:00 pm
Time for Lunch and Expo
1:30 pm
Vendor Presentation: Datrium

Andre Leibovici, VP of Solutions & Alliances at Datrium

1:45 pm
Vendor presentation: Nutanix

The Benefits of HCI and AHV Kees Baggerman, Technical Director EUC

2:00 pm
Technical Session 1: The Best Tools available for VDI tuning

Hilko Lantinga, End-User Computer Architect at VMware

2:30 pm
Technical Session 2: Tuning VDI and SBC Environments

Martin Zugec, Senior Architect at Citrix

3:00 pm
Time for Coffee and Expo
3:15 pm

Vendor Presentation: Cisco: The Impact of Innovation

Bryan Hilton, Global VDI Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco

3:30 pm

Vendor Presentation: Tintri by DDN: Bottleneck Visualization
Rob Girard, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer at Tintri

3:45 pm
The Experts Guide to Performance Tuning

Blair Parkhill, Director of Products at Login VSI

4:30 pm
Closing Keynote: The Future of VDI in a World of Workspaces

Jack Madden, Blogger and Executive Editor at TechTarget

5:15 pm
Vendor raffles: time to win prizes!


Jack Madden
Blogger & Executive Editor

Ruben Spruijt
Sr. Technologist

Blair Parkhill
Director of Products
Login VSI

Mark Plettenberg
Product Manager
Login VSI

Martin Zugec
Senior Architect

Brian Martynowicz
Support and Services Manager
Login VSI

Hilko Lantinga
End-User Computer Architect

Nick Rintalan
Principal Architect & Sr. Director

Rob Girard
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

Kilian Arjona
Flexxible IT

Federico Zani
Pre-Sales and Technology Trainer
Flexxible IT

Kees Baggerman
Technical Director EUC, Databases for Global 2000

Jed Ayres
CEO, North America and global CMO

Bryan Hilton
Global VDI Technical Solutions Architect

Andre Leibovici
VP of Solutions & Alliances

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